Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clickity Clack Down Periwinkle Lane

Here am I.
Post holidays, in a new year.
Finally getting around to working on the pictures I took in Chicago.
Oh Chicago - what a wonderful city. What an amazing trip! What a memorable and memory making experience, that makes me long for more. Danielle and her family were more than welcoming, and I even extended my trip a few days so I could evade reality just a little longer. There was lost phones and "alternative" get togethers, a movie was made, pizza and doughnuts eaten, a holiday party we helped cater, the Bahai Temple we ventured to, a new photo studio we ran around and made forts in, the many visits to JewelOsco, the dentist and the bean, and so many hours of intervention. And although cold and blistering at most points, was full of sun, my favorite kind of snowflakes, and more laughter than I ever thought I could handle.

Here are a few pics of my time there!

This is the Bahai Temple in Wilmette. It's beyond beautiful.

My little sprout!

The Bean!

Minnie the Cat.

One of those blistering days.
And then of course we did little mini photoshoots. Due to filming a movie, our time was taken and we were unable to shoot with the model we had scheduled. SO why not use each other - for old times sake? Here's a little sneak peak. More can be found on my website (by the end of the week!)