Wednesday, May 4, 2011


"'ll learn to know..."

I love Jonsi. Absolutely heart moving-soul expanding-to the tips of my fingers love.
I have currently been submerged and equally consumed by music, self reflection, and weeks of sunshine. With so much planning to do in every aspect of my life but photography - camps to conquer, a first burn to experience, there has been no room for a creative busy upkeep with the picture taking.
Without a camera in my hand I feel empty.
But with everything I photograph recently, I still can feel the emptiness brimming.
Not really sure where I want to go with it, finding my way, finding myself. On the road to a new self discovery and blah blah blah blah.

Recently had the chance to shoot for Swoop Magazine - and that experience was nothing but fun! Girls in bathing suits, at my favorite place ever - the beach. Oh hi, best job ever. I'll post the pictures once the magazine gets printed - needless to say I.Am.Stoked.

This summer will be jam packed - so this self portrait I frusteratingly took yesterday, through tears and rageful sighs - represents the calm before the storm. I will no doubt return in September with an improved head on my shoulders. So here is to the me now, in the present, with everything I am.