Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Won't Forget You

I was digging around through my photo files, trying to find good stuff to put on my new up and coming website. Low and behold I ran across these two, that were taken 4 years ago with my little film camera! I love them because there's just something extra in them for me. I can't explain what... but when I look at these I feel really distinct emotions. Just so raw and made from pure love. Who doesn't appreciate that?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Drops of Jupiter

I had to do a really basic traditional shoot the other day - that had to include rim light in one image, and hands in the other. The gorgeous Danielle Sepanik was amazing and helped me out - mostly keeping me sane through a really boring set up. The first two are what I turned in - and the last one I edited for myself! Meanwhile, all my fashion inspiration and ideas are starting to collect again, making me eager for next session. I have a lot to look forward to in these upcoming months!

Friday, July 23, 2010


So after my small hiatus from Blogging - I'm happy to report that I am in fact a married woman now! Everything worked out better than I could have imagined it to - and I owe my family and friends the biggest thank you in the world for turning my dream into a reality! It was the most monumental day of my life to date, and it will be hard to top.

Now, I'm back in school (no honeymoon...) and even though I feel like I'm taking the most ridiculous, worthless classes right now - it has forced me to take a step back, and realize that I need to start making every negative I feel into a positive. So I'm trying to put my own creative twist on our mundane assignments - and so far it's made me feel a sense of calm.

My friend and fellow photographer Justin Miller used Brooks and I for a faux engagement session the other day - which was really fun, and the pictures turned out fantastic! Our first photoshoot post wedding. :) Here are two of my favorites, but you can check them all out at