Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Won't Forget You

I was digging around through my photo files, trying to find good stuff to put on my new up and coming website. Low and behold I ran across these two, that were taken 4 years ago with my little film camera! I love them because there's just something extra in them for me. I can't explain what... but when I look at these I feel really distinct emotions. Just so raw and made from pure love. Who doesn't appreciate that?


  1. India is such a great model. and as you know, I looove your photography. my mom grew up in Santa Barbara and went to school in your building ;)

  2. I love these photos even though India has that candy cigarette hanging from her lips. Don't you girls know sugar is bad for you?

    Also WHO are you interning with, Ms. B? I want to see his site.