Thursday, August 12, 2010


I've been struggling to get through this portraiture class this session.
Only two more weeks and I'll be frolicking through the streets of Portland, bubble tea in one hand, camera in the other. I hang this image in front of my mind every day - it helps me to keep going forward.
Here is an assignment I shot with my favorite model Danielle, at my favorite place in Santa Barbara. (It's getting bad how many times I've used her and the place - so this will probably be the last. Time to start with something new and different.)
The first is supposed to emulate a painters style, and the painter I chose was Renoir. He did portraits that depicted people (usually women) just being... My favorites were outside, and had very flat bright lighting. I put a small fashion-esque twist on it, because I wanted to make it mine.
The second is still in it's rough stages - but it's for a "pictoral" assignment. I pretty much said eff, and did what I wanted. There will be more to come in that series!
Now, off to the Bay area for the weekend.

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