Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twoo Wuv

I just came back from Hawaii yesterday!
I was surprising my brother for his wedding - which was the best surprise EVER.
However stressful, it was good to reconnect with my entire family (first time we've all been
in the same place in 5 years) and to take in the beautiful island of Oahu. While I didn't
get to indulge in scouring for Losties, I did get to visit some of my favorite spots there.
Pictures were obviously taken. :)

My 8 year old niece fell asleep after a day at the North shore.

The North Shore also has the best Acai bowls ever created.

We visited the cemetary (sooo cool) to say some prayers at a Bahai grave.

This is Mona, the beautiful girl my brother Logan just married.

This was my plane ride there, with my guiding light. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black and White

I am currently in The Zone class, where we shoot with film and process in the darkroom.
My heart feels right again.
I chose this class, because film is what I put all my creative energy into in highschool.
I was hoping to find some of that creativity hidden away somewhere, I think it'd bring me to a really excellent place not just in life, but in the work i'm producing.

So our first assignment was to choose 4 black and white photographs from some of our favorite photographers. These are mine!!

Annie Leibovitz

Kim Weston

Bruce Weber

Richard Avedon

Friday, March 5, 2010

Say Cheese!

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to get a visit from one of my favorite lovers Heather!
She brought up her beautiful baby boy Jaden, and her awesome brother Nathaniel.
Nathaniel wanted some pictures taken for a potential modeling portfolio - so I obviously agreed to do it! It was fun, just walked around Santa Barbara - he's definitely a natural in front of the camera. The next day, Brooks and I got our engagement photos taken by Heather - and although I've only seen one (amazing) I know the rest are probably just as brilliant! So exciting.

I added some of the pictures I took of Nathaniel, the first one with a more 'lomo' process effect, and the other two with a more traditional basic process. Holler!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zipidee Dooda, Zipidee Day

The Fiancé and I went to the happiest place on earth today.
While I have been many times, he has not - and it was our first time together.
We volunteered at a local greenhouse a few weeks ago - and so when we got to the park - they gave us our 'honorary volunteer' badges, and we were thanked by everyone who worked there as we came in. It was pretty cute.
Middle of the week during no ones spring break was the best.
We didn't wait for anything.

We ate churros and cotton candy, floated next to pirates and saw spirits in a haunted mansion - we soared through a mountain of space and splashed our way down an acid trip of another...
It was great.

I took some photos - I've added one below.
More to come!