Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twoo Wuv

I just came back from Hawaii yesterday!
I was surprising my brother for his wedding - which was the best surprise EVER.
However stressful, it was good to reconnect with my entire family (first time we've all been
in the same place in 5 years) and to take in the beautiful island of Oahu. While I didn't
get to indulge in scouring for Losties, I did get to visit some of my favorite spots there.
Pictures were obviously taken. :)

My 8 year old niece fell asleep after a day at the North shore.

The North Shore also has the best Acai bowls ever created.

We visited the cemetary (sooo cool) to say some prayers at a Bahai grave.

This is Mona, the beautiful girl my brother Logan just married.

This was my plane ride there, with my guiding light. :)

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