Friday, November 18, 2011

I dream of Paradise...

It's been one week since we got home from our three week trip to The Holy Land.
And somehow, I am still managing to be jet-lagged. 
Lack of sleep aside, it was wonderful to go back to the place I think of as home. 
Being able to show the husband what that part of my life looked like - the nine-teen year old Brianna's life - was something I had always hoped I would be able to do. Mission accomplished! 

Highlights included: coffee in a french press every morning, walking up and down the public stairs, our 9 day Bahai pilgrimage, driving to the dead sea, the amount of laughter my sister and I caused each other, the 5 cups of tea a day, the quiet moments in the Shrines, the smell of rose, visiting each of my favorite restaurants, the bumpy and terrifying sherut rides (a sherut is like a taxi and bus combined), the thunder and lightning storms...

Now, onto the holidays - and right into a new year. 

I still haven't been able to get through all my photos, but here are a few of my favorites!

Haifa - The Bahai Gardens - Shrine of the Bab

Brooks - Prison Cell in Akka
Bahai Holy Place - House of Abbud

Bahai Holy Place - House of Abdullah-Pasha
Bahai Holy Place - Mansion of Mazrae
Bahai Holy Place - Mansion of Bahji

The Dead Sea
Salty self portrait @ the Dead Sea

Salt on the rocks @ the Dead Sea
5000 year old city - Akka



My Sister Malia

Friday, September 30, 2011

And Time Marches On...

I feel like I am finally awakening from my summer cocoon - my warm, self indulgent, soul growing, happy place. Shedding the moments that helped me redefine life, so I can happily move forward with an able-bodied and brave attitude. 

Maine was a beautiful and trying 9 weeks.  

Burning Man was an adventure of dusty bike riding madness. 

And while I calmly hop from one stone to the next, I don't seem to be staying grounded for too long. In just a few short weeks I will be sipping tea with family, nestled in-between the mediterranean sea and a mountain I used to call home. I am ready for the red rock pathways, the cold marble underneath my feet, and the jasmine breezes that roll over your limbs gently, while you remember what life is about. I am ready for Israel.

Until then, here are some favorite images from the adventures I have had!

Just another beautiful sunrise at Camp Laurel in Maine.

And a sunset to remember.

At the top of Mt. Katahdin

Mt. Katahdin Peace Pile

Erica and Julianne, my amazing camp friends.

The part of me I left on the Temple floor at Burning Man

One of the Temple's towers at Burning Man

The inside of the Temple - Up and Down

One of my favorite art pieces at Burning Man

At center camp - a burner baby with the statue baby

Brooks and I inhaling the dust

Nothing like a nudie bike ride in the morning!!

Another favorite art piece

And a self portrait I took while putzing around the house.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


"'ll learn to know..."

I love Jonsi. Absolutely heart moving-soul expanding-to the tips of my fingers love.
I have currently been submerged and equally consumed by music, self reflection, and weeks of sunshine. With so much planning to do in every aspect of my life but photography - camps to conquer, a first burn to experience, there has been no room for a creative busy upkeep with the picture taking.
Without a camera in my hand I feel empty.
But with everything I photograph recently, I still can feel the emptiness brimming.
Not really sure where I want to go with it, finding my way, finding myself. On the road to a new self discovery and blah blah blah blah.

Recently had the chance to shoot for Swoop Magazine - and that experience was nothing but fun! Girls in bathing suits, at my favorite place ever - the beach. Oh hi, best job ever. I'll post the pictures once the magazine gets printed - needless to say I.Am.Stoked.

This summer will be jam packed - so this self portrait I frusteratingly took yesterday, through tears and rageful sighs - represents the calm before the storm. I will no doubt return in September with an improved head on my shoulders. So here is to the me now, in the present, with everything I am.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Past to Present

While in New York, I had the privilege of shooting with two of my great friends from High School. Drew was actually the very first person I did a photoshoot with - 9 years ago. And India was my go to model throughout my junior and senior year. Here are some pictures from the past, along with what I just took a few weeks ago! So fun to see them then and now :)

India - August 2007

India - March 2011

Drew - September 2002

Drew - March 2011

Keep your eyes peeled for the return of my website, with lots of new pictures!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Big Apple

Months have passed since I have been motivated to update the blog.
Unable to find a clear path in my life has been weighing me down, and writing about it becomes too much of a reality.
And so, here am i.
Back from another quest across the country, another pleasant escape from what needs to be done, and done right now. An escape to New York.

With husband in tow, we fled the california sunshine to find ourselves packed between the tall buildings swimming in the rivers that flow quickly through the streets with bobbing heads, drenched in a diverse culture. Cold, refreshing, new mixed with old. I was reunited, introduced, and surrounded by a stimulating comfort, that made me dance - laugh - and hold my head up high.

Here is some of what was seen, experienced, and felt through our 10 day adventure.

Central Park

High-Line Park (an old above ground subway line turned park. AMAZING.)

Battery Park

Brinkley's Café - where we escaped the cold!

India and her apartment

Brooklyn Bridge

If ever the opportunity arises, I will move there in a heartbeat!
Now back to reality :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clickity Clack Down Periwinkle Lane

Here am I.
Post holidays, in a new year.
Finally getting around to working on the pictures I took in Chicago.
Oh Chicago - what a wonderful city. What an amazing trip! What a memorable and memory making experience, that makes me long for more. Danielle and her family were more than welcoming, and I even extended my trip a few days so I could evade reality just a little longer. There was lost phones and "alternative" get togethers, a movie was made, pizza and doughnuts eaten, a holiday party we helped cater, the Bahai Temple we ventured to, a new photo studio we ran around and made forts in, the many visits to JewelOsco, the dentist and the bean, and so many hours of intervention. And although cold and blistering at most points, was full of sun, my favorite kind of snowflakes, and more laughter than I ever thought I could handle.

Here are a few pics of my time there!

This is the Bahai Temple in Wilmette. It's beyond beautiful.

My little sprout!

The Bean!

Minnie the Cat.

One of those blistering days.
And then of course we did little mini photoshoots. Due to filming a movie, our time was taken and we were unable to shoot with the model we had scheduled. SO why not use each other - for old times sake? Here's a little sneak peak. More can be found on my website (by the end of the week!)