Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Big Apple

Months have passed since I have been motivated to update the blog.
Unable to find a clear path in my life has been weighing me down, and writing about it becomes too much of a reality.
And so, here am i.
Back from another quest across the country, another pleasant escape from what needs to be done, and done right now. An escape to New York.

With husband in tow, we fled the california sunshine to find ourselves packed between the tall buildings swimming in the rivers that flow quickly through the streets with bobbing heads, drenched in a diverse culture. Cold, refreshing, new mixed with old. I was reunited, introduced, and surrounded by a stimulating comfort, that made me dance - laugh - and hold my head up high.

Here is some of what was seen, experienced, and felt through our 10 day adventure.

Central Park

High-Line Park (an old above ground subway line turned park. AMAZING.)

Battery Park

Brinkley's Café - where we escaped the cold!

India and her apartment

Brooklyn Bridge

If ever the opportunity arises, I will move there in a heartbeat!
Now back to reality :)

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  1. please do move here. before we move out, preferably.