Sunday, May 13, 2012

Like A Warm Embrace

New York, New York. You have stolen my heart.
I feel this perpetual love affair with you blooming in the deepest corners of every thought.
Just another ten day visit --> turned into another ten days.
You brought me back to who I was. Like a warm embrace from an old friend.
Leaving you, all of the tall looming shadows you cast - all of your fresh budding flowers - all of your unexpected adventures you so selflessly thrust forth - has been like getting a child to pry each finger off a delicious candy bar so they don't spoil their dinner.
I can't help but want more of you.
Drink you down until theres nothing left to take.
The drive, the rush, feeling alive, always something to do, point A to point B, the quiet moments in unexpected places, knowing an opportunity of a lifetime may be right around the corner.
I'm coming back for you.
I would never be able to live with myself if I didn't.
I have to know exactly what you and I can be together.
I'll see you in July.


A few of my favorite images from the visit.