Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nymphs of Toro Canyon

This past weekend I had my last photoshoot of school planned - and obviously my model bailed. Even after contacting close to 10 models, not one could commit (for various reasons.)
So instead, I kept the clothes I had gotten from my stylist, and figured I'd step in.

It was cold, pouring rain, muddy, and nothing to even close to what I wanted.
Luckily, I had Danielle and Dylan with me - and before I threw in the towel, I thought we could try it with a cell phone. So we did, and it worked, and that was that. My last photoshoot of photo school - on a cell phone. Ironic?

Here are a few of my favorites!

Thanks to Danielle and Dylan for helping me make this happen. I love.


  1. Sometimes it requires a crisis to reveal genius...

  2. ooooh these photos are lovely! i found your blog through styledon--obsessed! :)