Monday, February 22, 2010

The Gambler

it has been a minute since i posted anything.
2500 word essay to write in two days, and finishing my website by tomorrow is what has been
eating my time up.

i really don't like writing when i'm so restricted on content. if you are going to be so restrictive,
the least you can do is give my thesis so i don't waist so many hours of my life for just a D because i didn't understand what you REALLY wanted. 'pick one or all of the 3 books we read in class, and you can't do any type of comparison, book report, or biography.'

wait. what?

so pretty much you want me to ramble, make something absurd and obscure sound smart, and then i'll pass? and this teaches me what exactly?!

think vacation.
think warm. sunshine. brown skin. unkempt ocean hair.
think wedding.
think party. rustic. vintage. memorable moments captured.

just a few more days. and then its all about those things.

1 comment:

  1. unkempt ocean hair

    i stared at this for probably 30 seconds, i love it.